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NUVISION ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PR  In an impressive demonstration of its capabilities, NUVISION ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PR has continuously been in the forefront PR company-wise. Recognized as a leading PR company in the entertainment industry has allowed Nuvision to stay on top in the IMDB rankings, ranking continuously within the top 80 companies out of 400,000+ companies, week upon week. Nuvision PR's reputation has been outstanding and has been commended by many including casting directors, agents, managers, directors, producers, actors, actresses, entertainers, media and even other publicists and other PR agencies.




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NUVISION PR Website Goes Online

NUVISION ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PR has improved its online presence with a brand-new website. The site offers detailed information about the firm's services, company portfolio and client list. NUVISION ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PR's President, Sandra Kaye, and Vice-President, Katrina Smith, "look forward to welcoming you to their new company site!" We hope you become a client "soon" and take your career to new heights!

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